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Edith Stein

A Musical Drama

Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Matthew Gilbert

Music by John Andrew Tarbet

Based on the Play by Arthur Giron


Edith Stein explores the life of one of the most controversial Catholic saints. Born a Jew, Edith Stein served as a nurse in the Great War, converted to Catholicism, became a Carmelite nun, agitated for the Church to intervene in the Holocaust, and was later arrested by the Nazi's and executed in Auschwitz. Her canonization and a convent established in her name at Auschwitz would later provoke international outrage. EdithStein explores the woman behind the controversy, the outcast seeking refuge, the skeptic searching for answers while hanging onto a desperate hope that mankind is worthy of salvation.

Nothing in Between

Performed by Julie Foldesi

Your Flowers are Going to My Head

Performed by Sam Hutcheson

A Clean White Bird

Performed by Lauren Lukacek

Ritual / A Little Bit Broken

Performed by Julie Foldesi


Performed by Julie Foldesi & John Tarbet

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A Musical in One Act

Book and Lyrics by Kelly Dupuis

Music by John Andrew Tarbet


BEHRMAN, inspired by O'Henry's The Last Leaf, is the touching story of the unexpected friendship between an aging photographer and a young girl who dreams of "taking pictures." Poignant and humorous, this one-act musical theater piece explores what happens when an older artist's passion is rejuvenated by the curiosity of his young student, Jessie and the support of his hopeful wife, Francie.

I See Nothing

Performed by Wayne Schroder

In Pictures

Performed by Angela Brinton Mack

Pottery Lessons

Performed by Carolann Page

Photography Lessons

Wayne Schroder, Angela Brinton Mack, Carolann Page

Berkshires, 1969

Perfromed by Wayne Schroder


Performed by Carolann Page


Performed by Angela Brinton Mack & Carolann Page

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An Opera in 3 Acts (in progress)

Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Matthew Gilbert

Music by John Andrew Tarbet


Iron Lady examines the life and political career of Cold Warrior and 20th Century icon Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain's first and to date only female Prime Minister and the woman credited even by her enemies with bringing Great Britain back from the brink.

A New Elizabethan Era

Performed by Kristy Glass

My Margaret

Performed by John Tarbet

A Woman is the One

Performed by Kristy Glass

Ballet of the Twins (sketch)

Performed by John Tarbet

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